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A New Approach to Treat the Elderly

Its time to bid goodbye to the conventional retirement concepts

At Masters we fully understand the intricacies of caring for the elderly.It is not the lush green, superfluous exterior or interior that we boast about , it is the human touch that make us different from rest of the service providers



General Medicine




Dental Clinics


Maxillofacial Orthopaedics

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X-Ray & Ultrasound


Geriatrics and Home Care

Assisted Living Facility

Ambulance Service

Our  Expertise

Only Geriatric Centre at Thrissur

Trained in elderly care

Rehabilitation and ensure a speedy recovery

Our Facilities

Masters provide you devoted care, with comfortable, fully furnished rooms, with state of the art convenience for the elderly, where they are under the constant care of our medical personnel..

Masters run all clinical services and is well equipped with modern Laboratory, pharmacy, dental and Emergency services.

Home nurses, freshly prepared home food and room service staff are available at your doorstep.

And that’s not all. A lounge to spend time interacting with your friends, engage in a game of cards, only to make old age worth every bit.

Whether a short stay for rehabilitation, or a respite from the regular drill , once at Masters, you ‘d want to stay.

Future Growth

We are envisaged to be growing in leaps and bounds into a full fledged Geriatric centre, with global reckoning of our institution.

A stand alone institution that serves as a foster care home , with specialized dementia care and rehabilitation centres.

At your twilight years, we, as pioneers, understand your needs and serve you with a dedication and passion that is unmatched, to serve this sector of
health care that is mostly abandoned and forgotten.

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Latest Blogs

A wrinkled smile

It was my Geriatric Medicine Practicals and we were taken to the nearby slum.
The exam case , we were told , would be any patient living in those houses, aged 65 or above.

The Good , the Bad and the Old

Kochupylie slowly climbed the stairs to the second floor. At 74, he did not have the energy to climb as quickly as before. He knew that he was already late, as his token number was 24.

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+91 7034859999

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